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Precision Machined Fluidics Manifolds

What you can expect:

  • High quality surface finishes in fluidics channels (reducing contamination and carryover).

  • High quality surface finishes & concentric O-ring sealing surfaces (to ensure a leak-free fit).

  • Assembly and pressurized leak testing of plugged or bonded components.

  • Flow testing to affirm functionality.

  • Custom machined test fixtures to continuously monitor and control product quality in production.

Precision machined, vapor polished ULTEM - CNC mill multi-axis.
DNA Testing
Precision machined, vapor polished polycarbonate - cnc lathe and cnc mill multi-axis.


  Fluidics manifolds are critical components in a wide range of industries, including medical devices, analytical instruments, and industrial automation systems. These manifolds require extreme precision and tight tolerances to ensure that they perform their functions correctly. As a result, companies that require fluidics manifolds demand the highest levels of quality and reliability from their suppliers.

  Tridecs Corporation has consistently delivered on these expectations, earning a reputation as a trusted partner in the fluidics manifold industry. With its state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled workforce, Tridecs has the capacity to produce high volumes of fluidics manifolds while maintaining the highest levels of precision and accuracy. Its commitment to quality has resulted in long-term partnerships with some of the most demanding companies in the industry, and its expertise in fluidics manifolds has made it a go-to supplier for manufacturers worldwide.

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